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From: Chris Zavadowski, Centreville, VA
Monday, 1:33 p.m.

Dear Friend,

For starters, I have to get something out of the way…

You have nothing to fear from me. I’m not here to recruit you, or your downline. And, at no point in time will you ever hear me promote a specific network marketing company, or ever “pitch” you on an MLM opportunity. Not now. Not next month. Not 3 years from now.

I’m writing you this letter at the urging of a leading direct marketing educator and copywriter, Yanik Silver. He insisted it was both selfish and foolish to keep what I do and how I do it to myself, when it could be duplicated and used successfully by active, ambitious network marketers in just about any good MLM company.

His urging (he's very persuasive), combined with the countless emails and calls I’ve received from my clients over the last few years, finally worked.

At last, I gave in and decided to sit down to write you this important letter.

One more thing before I continue: If you are insulted by a frank, blunt, no-holds-barred focus on making money in this business, then you might as well stop reading now. If, however, your income could use a shot in the arm OR you’re working too hard making money in your business OR you’re frustrated with how hard it seems to be to “get over the hump” financially in your MLM home business, then I have something very important to share with you.

First, let’s make sure you know that…

“IT” Has Finally Happened

The Internet -- “it” -- has finally reached the mainstream culture. Just as cell phones are everywhere, you can’t turn in any direction without seeing a computer as part of your daily personal and business life.

Can you even imagine your business running without a fax machine or voice mail system? That would be nuts, right? Well, as indispensable as these tools are, it’ll be nothing compared to how the Internet will affect your business.

In fact, I predict that in the next few years – if you’re NOT using the Internet, your network marketing business will struggle to survive.

But before I go further, let me share a few indisputable facts about the Internet so you know I’m not making any of this up and the Internet is a powerful force that's here to stay…

FACT:According to Internet World Stats, there are 1,668,870,408 Internet users in the world as of June 30, 2009.

FACT: Total online consumer spending for 2005 reached $143.2 billion, a whopping 22% percent increase over 2004. In fact, that amount has increased annually 20%+ each year for the last 4 years - with no end in sight! (Source: comScore Networks)

FACT: Forrester Research pegged the Internet sector as increasing to 12 percent of all US retail sales, from less than two percent currently.

FACT: New research shows that 70% of US adults use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services — up from 60% in October 2003. These figures put the Internet on par with newspapers as a local shopping information resource, and suggest that the Internet is on track to surpass newspapers as a consumer influencer in the very near future. (Source: Kelsey Group and ConStat)

FACT: Internet users say they are spending more time online — and less with other media. Over 35% of respondents said they were watching less TV, and nearly as many said they were spending less time with magazines. Some 30.3% said newspapers were getting less of their attention. (Source: eMarketer) Think they want to read your brochures and watch your DVDs as much now?

FACT: Rich consumers are more likely to shop online! Overall, 34 percent of respondents said they made an online purchase during the past year while 50 percent of mass affluent respondents and 57 percent of the highly affluent used e-commerce. (Source: Package Facts)

FACT: 74% of the Internet population over the age of 13 will shop online this year, up a tad from 73% last year and 7 percentage points from 2001. That equals 115.1 million consumers over 13, up from 82.3 million in 2001. In 2007, 77% of the online population over age 13 -- 131.3 million people -- will shop online. (Source: eMarketer, 2004)

The fact that over ONE BILLION people are online should be of CRITICAL importance to you and your network marketing business…

Now, more than ever is the time you must learn to use the Internet to your advantage. With more and more consumers discovering the Internet, more and more people are powering up their computers to make their buying decisions.

Whether you just want to sell more product, or recruit more people into your team, the web is hands-down the fastest, easiest way to get in front of the best, most targeted prospects for your MLM business.

In fact, based on the trends happening today...

Your BEST Prospects Can Be Found Online!

You know, a lot of leaders sell the idea of struggling, starving and suffering for months (or even years) while you build your network marketing business one recruit at a time so that “some day” you’ll be rich.

But let’s be honest…

Few people have the determination, persistence or discipline to do this. Which is why the dropout rate is so incredibly high and why most of your time and effort is wasted as your many new recruits “flake out”. (The problem here is you go broke before you get rich).

That’s because most MLMers don’t have any viable “system”, let alone a system to utilize the latest technology and make themselves (and their income) immune to whatever their downline or company decides to do.

Imagine how different your entire home business experience would be -- completely transformed! – if you actually had a reliable, automated “system” to help you cash big checks every single month. (Without even relying on your downline or even your company if you don’t want to!)

Finally, thanks to the Internet, that “dream” has become a reality! (Don’t worry. Whatever frustrations, doubts, fears and confusion you now have about the online marketing world will disappear by the time you reach the end of this letter.)

Now, if you’ve seen the writing on the wall, and are scared about what to do…

It’s NOT Your Fault.

Listen, it's not your fault if you haven't fully embraced the Internet and figured out to how make it profitable (or more profitable) for your business…because most people want to make everything too complicated for you.

Third party vendors prefer to talk over your head in computer 'mumbo-jumbo’ so you don’t understand what the heck they’re talking about. Which means, they want you to fork over a big check with several zeroes for their services (and you’re still not 100% sure how to profit from what they’ve provided). Or the vendors are just so technical they can’t explain things in a down-to-earth manner that makes sense.

Trust me, I understand it’s easier to bury your head in the sand and just say "Forget It!"

But here’s good news...

It’s not too late for you if...a) You know you’ve been behind the times on the Internet. or… b) You know the online part of your business should be doing a lot better than it is.

However I have to warn you - your window of opportunity is closing pretty darn quickly! The "Big Players " with deep pockets are starting to take notice of the facts I just gave you. And they’ve got their sights set on dominating the Internet and muscling you out of the action. (Especially if your product or service is something that people can find similar versions of in the store.)

That’s why it’s even more important than ever to pay close attention to exactly how to find out the real-world strategies to transform beginning (or even non-existent) websites into real profit machines and still be one step ahead of your competitors.

But before we go any further, let me introduce myself (and tell you why you should keep reading)...

My name is Chris Zavadowski. For the last 5 years, I've been earning a nice full-time living online (working only VERY part-time hours). I'm not an MBA or a programmer or anything like that - which means ANYONE can learn what I do. In fact, you don't need any special degrees to earn a huge income on the Internet. (It certainly hasn't stopped me or my clients!)

But I have to give credit where credit is due…

I owe a great deal of my success to Yanik Silver. At the same time I started in network marketing, I also started studying everything I could about direct marketing from the old greats and the new ones, like Dan Kennedy and Yanik Silver.

For years I’d been studying Yanik’s material and relying on his no-holds-barred products and 'tele-coaching' programs to really propel my business. In fact, a couple years back, I plunked down a whopping $15,000.00 just to become one of Yanik's first-ever 'apprentices' and suck up even more of his insider secrets (yes, before Donald decided to have his "little" TV show).

And with all the emails I’ve received recently from clients and subscribers, I got to thinking there really wasn’t anyone out there teaching network marketers all the online secrets and tricks that you can use every day to create (and live) any lifestyle you want.

That’s When the Light Bulb Went Off!

A few months ago I got to talking with a few colleagues and came up with this idea: Why not assemble the best online marketers in the world to teach you their secrets and work on your website advertising, marketing and business building questions and problems during live tele-coaching sessions? And with my own online prospecting system at the core, I knew it would be a life- and business-changing program. (After all, the same format works great for Yanik's students, too.)

It’s an idea that had been brewing in my mind for some time. Even though my main MLM related site ( doesn't deal with Internet marketing, not a month goes by where I don't get some online marketing question and plea for help.

So I decided to go for it!...

It’s time to pull back the curtain and start revealing these powerful techniques!

With the online world undergoing lightning-fast changes, I’ve managed to put together something to help anyone get going with using the Internet to grow their MLM business in a systematic, A-to-Z fashion. (Or take your existing websites to the next level.)

But Who Can You Believe?

It goes without saying there is so much clutter and genuine crap out there it’s hard to figure out who you should pay attention to...

There’s plenty of folks eager to take your money and tell you how to succeed on the Internet with your business – but an awful lot of those folks’ personal track records seem to be tissue paper thin. Exaggerated, undocumented, invisible. There’s absolutely no shortage of "pretend experts" who just make money telling people how to make money - but don’t actually use the methods they teach.

So, here, before going any further, you have to decide whether I’m full of BS or whether I could actually possess money-making know-how you don’t have (yet).

Lots of folks talk about the Internet, and many are eager to sell you websites, advertising, tools and so forth. And as is often the case, there’s more money being made by the shovel sellers than by the shovel users. However, I am actually generating REAL INCOME from my web sites in all sorts of niches (selling a wide range of services and both digital and physical products).

In fact, here’s a tiny glimpse at my online track record and why you should listen to what I have to say…

  • I’m generating a full-time income with the Internet. While others use it as a little side venture in their business, it IS my business. In a few recent months, I banked $44,517...$59,203...and $38,218 from my products, joint ventures, websites, search engine traffic and more. While twenty, thirty and forty thousand dollar months are common for my projects online, the important point is: I have consistent, steady, passive income from the web. I can’t turn off this income even if I tried!
  • I’ve got a successful network marketing background, too. (Yes, I've earned the exotic all-expenses-paid company trip, the car bonus, the recognition and more. Which means, I understand exactly what you’re going through.)
  • Just a few months ago, I was hired behind-the-scenes to help orchestrate a massive online promotion. The results? A tad bit over $539,010.00 in sales. Not bad for a month’s work, right?
  • One recent 80-minute teleseminar (promoted entirely online) brought in $10,025.00 in sales and continues to pump money into my bank account each and every month (so far, it's brought in over $3,269.00 more and counting since the event -- on autopilot!).
  • A recent website I put up has banked over $194,310.28 (and because it’s online and automated – that number grows every single day!)
  • Unlike many other so-called "gurus", I’ve never made my focus ‘how to get rich’ information. As I’m writing you this letter, I’m in no fewer than 9 different niches online – from gardening to network marketing to theater to government business, colleges and more – none of which deal with making money online. In other words – I walk the walk, and talk the talk.

Now I’m not telling you this to brag or boast but hopefully to open your eyes to the almost unlimited income possibilities available to you once you master the Internet.

But enough about me. This is about you….

The truth is, you too can learn how to become an online marketing wizard, because you don’t need to be a ‘techie’ to make it work. It’s a learnable skill that doesn’t require natural talent. (Heck, you don’t even need to know how to put up any of it yourself – you can outsource almost the entire thing if you want.)


Because of exceptional results like those above, I’ve had a constant parade of clients and subscribers bugging me, asking me and practically begging me to reveal my “advanced” online secrets and prospecting system. Frankly, I resisted because of the work involved. (I’ve been putting this off for quite awhile!)

But a few months ago, I finally decided to give in and lay it all on the table once and for all when I introduced my "Online Prospecting Secrets Six-Week Coaching Program" that laid bare my step-by-step prospecting system. In fact, the program was so highly anticipated and well-received, it SOLD OUT in just 6 days!

To be honest, it ended up being a LOT more involved than I originally planned. With a large amount of intense training and interaction, plus videos and more, this closed-door program was more in-depth than many expensive seminars!

Now I have no plans to ever repeat this live class again. But ever since I posted the SOLD OUT notice, I've received tons of emails from people practically begging for access to the information I taught. (I'm not that surprised. No one has EVER spilled the beans like this before. In fact, the first week of the program alone was enough to make many so-called "heavy hitters" furious!)

So after a lot of thought and consideration (and the pleading of my customers), I've decided to turn my six-week program into an edited, updated version you can learn from (and profit from) at your own pace.

Introducing the...

“Online Prospecting Secrets Six-Week Home Study Program!”

For the first time ever, on a silver platter, I'm handing you my very definite, step-by-step, little known strategies for quickly increasing your income in network marketing by at least another $20,000.00 a year…and for skyrocketing to financial success with your home business. And I absolutely guarantee the value of these strategies.

The premise behind this idea is simple: I don’t want you to be 100% reliant on anyone else for your income. Not your upline. Not your downline. Not even your MLM company. If you are completely reliant on your company to put a check in your bank account each month - you are setting yourself up for a massive disaster! You need to be 100% bullet-proof and completely in control of the amount of cash you make every single month.

That’s why I brought together a dream team of top “in-the-trenches” marketers to spill the beans on their best money-making strategies and methods. They helped me teach, in detail, my breakthrough system for building your network marketing business and income with the Internet. And because this was a ‘real-time’ program, attendees got a first-hand glimpse into how we assemble real online business formulas, strategies and methods from scratch.

It’s no secret nothing beats personal live contact with real experts to guide you to big-time success. With this warp speed, hands-on home-study program – all your questions are answered and problems solved.

Yes, you'll even hear the exact same burning questions attendees posed directly to the experts!

Just so you know these folks know their stuff…

Here Are The 4 Criteria Every Member of
My “Prospecting Secrets Mastermind Team” Had to Meet:

1) They must earn (at least) a nice six-figure income or more with their home business. Incomes that leave most people green with envy and shaking their heads in amazement.

2) They must be absolutely top of their game in the specific areas they are teaching you about. You need people with real-world experience – no fluff or theory.

3) They must know how to clearly present and teach their strategies so you can implement them immediately. The whole purpose of this six-week program is to help you make more money, not scratch your head in confusion.

4) Their techniques have to work today. You need to learn tricks and strategies that actually work, not some outdated, tired method from 10 years ago.

Now, the thing is…

You Can’t Find This Information Anywhere Else!

Let’s face it. No one has ever created an in-depth Internet Marketing training system like this exclusively for network marketers. Up until now, you’d have to piece together material you could find. An ebook here. A tapeset there. Maybe a seminar or two. This powerful system has NEVER been available before in one place.

But – finally! – you can get the “big picture” and the “details” all under one roof.

Of course, you could still try to gather all of this information yourself, spend thousands of dollars and try to assemble a total all-in-one system. But between you, me and the computer screen – that route can be as slow as molasses in January. Not to mention the months of “lost” time trying every new method and trick that crosses your desk.

In reality, reaching success with your own home business doesn’t even have to make you feel queasy or like a ‘loser’ for not having a duplicating downline.

I know what you're going through! I used to feel the same way with my unsupportive upline and my lack of skills. In the beginning, when I first joined, would you believe I didn’t even know what network marketing was? I was clueless!

And you know what I found out, once I finally got to that light at the end of the tunnel?

It does NOT have to be hard or confusing.

Look, there’s no point killing yourself trying to build a big network marketing business. Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s worth it. I feel sorry for people who ignore their relationships and their kids and spend every minute of every day, night, weekends and holidays consumed by their MLM business. If you get convinced to sacrifice your marriage, your family life, your time, your sleep, your finances, your health chasing the network marketing dream – I think you’re being abused.

That’s why my breakthrough online prospecting system is so important. It empowers you to build a giant business without trading your life to do so.

With the level I've reached in my business, I have access to the very best "real" Internet marketers on the planet. So, when I tell you that I’m bringing the "cream of the crop" marketers to coach you, you know it’s true.

But I have to warn you – you can’t drag your feet on this once you find out the details. Because this is a very limited opportunity that will be gone in a flash once I begin letting the rest of my subscribers and clients know.

So, Let Me Give You a Quick Overview of What’s You're Going to Discover in this Comprehensive Six-Week Program…

Week #1:
THE Dirty Little ‘Trick’ Heavy Hitters Use to Make Money Online – Every Single Day – REGARDLESS of What Happens to Their Company or Downline.

(Get This: You don’t even need your MLM company to make money with this method! But if you do use it with your network marketing company – your monthly bonus check will be that much bigger!)

There’s a secret method that many ‘heavy hitters’ use to build their downline with the Internet day in, day out. But they like to keep it hush-hush (and for good reason – it’s POWERFUL).

A few months ago however, I briefly shared this secret strategy with a few of my best clients and their response floored me. So I decided, for the first time ever, on the first training session of this series, to really let the cat out of the bag and expose it in great detail.

This dirty little ‘trick’ is so powerful – it’s the foundation for everything else I’ll be teaching you in this new “Online Prospecting Secrets” home-study program (although you’ll certainly be able to pick and choose the strategies you want to incorporate after the six weeks are up!)

In fact, once you understand how this works – you can practically write your own ticket…even if you never recruit a single downline member or even sell a single MLM product! With this formula, you can create income no matter what.

If you’re tired of pissing off family, friends and propsects who “just don’t get it”, then this prospecting method will be like a breath of fresh air to you.

Because it’s so powerful, I can only reveal the full details to those who possess the CDs of this training session, but I can tell you what the secret is NOT…

  • It’s NOT a new way to bother friends, family or neighbors
  • It’s NOT time consuming (once you set it up, you will barely spend a few hours on it each month)
  • It’s NOT a new MLM or network marketing program
  • It does NOT involve a product to inventory or ship
  • There’s NOT another office needed outside your home
  • You do NOT need any employees
  • There’s NOT a long learning curve (you can put this into action in as little as 7 days)
  • It’s NOT a difficult business method to implement
  • You do NOT need any special licenses or permits
  • It’s NOT disruptive to your family life – in fact, you NEVER have to leave your home!

Plus, you’re in for a real treat, because joining me was…

Special Guest: Internet marketing expert, Jim Edwards

Jim is one of the few REAL gurus on the Internet who ‘tells it like it is’, having developed, marketed and operated outrageously profitable online businesses for both himself and his clients since 1997. While Jim specializes in creating mountains of content quickly and easily, he also regularly teaches search engine and directory traffic generation, “shoestring online marketing”, ebook writing and promotion... and much more!

He’s one of the most entertaining speakers around (not to mention his advice flat out WORKS). Plus, considering he’s sold MILLIONS of dollars online and tens of thousands of products, ebooks, courses, training systems, coaching programs and more – he was the perfect person to have joining us.

Now it’s important to note: He’s a syndicated newspaper columnist and travels literally around the globe to speak at the most high-priced, top-of-the-line marketing seminars on planet Earth. It’s literally impossible to hire him for consulting anymore – but when you could, he would easily command $500/hour just to take your call. But, by listening to this exclusive six-week home study program, you’ll get to tap into his genius withOUT having to pay any of his sky-high fees.

You’ll be flat-out excited once you hear what was revealed during this one-time-only 1 hour, 48 minute session!

Week #2:
Insider Secrets to Writing Kick-Butt, Sales Letters, Emails and Websites that Pump Cash into Your Bank Account, Night and Day…Like Magic!

Have you ever wanted to put up a sales letter (or send out a powerful email) designed to bring in more sales and more prospects, but you didn’t know what to say or where to start? Well worry no longer.

Once you’ve discovered the in’s and out’s of Week #1, you’ll be ready to learn this next crucial Internet skill. Understanding how to write “killer sales copy” (called "copywriting") gives you the power to practically have income on demand.

Now, if you’re one of my clients– this will go way beyond what you have available on that site. Once you’ve listened to this week's training, not only will you be able to turbo-charge the sales letters I’ve handed you on a silver platter, but even better…you’ll be able to write your own sales letters and emails anytime you want!

If I had to pick ONE single business skill that was the hands-down most important to know – copywriting is it! And you’re in for quite a surprise, because joining me on this closed-door call was …

The Internet’s #1 most-celebrated sales copywriting expert, Yanik Silver!

Yanik and I discussed the killer copy secrets that make websites sell products like crazy. If you don’t know who Yanik is, let me give you a tiny glimpse at his online track record....

  • $43,668.73 in 24 hours from a tiny list of 4200 people and that figure ballooned to over six-figures in less than 4 days.  
  • 2 emails brought in over $52,275.00 in less than 14 days from a tiny group of 1267 recipients.  
  • Web page pulls in a resounding 12.8% conversion rate (a "good" number online is usually 1%-2%!).  
  • Another web sales letter is fast approaching $1,000,000.00 in sales.  
  • A letter mailed to only 138 people brought in over $18,118.00 in less than 8 days.
  • An ad written in 1998 still going strong today selling a complicated piece of medical equipment (previously only sold face-to-face) right from the ad. Responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. This opened up a whole new way of doing business nationally for a company that was only local before. Think of the possibilites for your MLM team!

  • And lots more…

As you can see, Yanik is the real deal. Not only is teacher and mentor to literally TENS OF THOUSANDS, but he’s also my Internet marketing mentor (and good friend).

Yanik is a master at writing web-copy that produces results. He will share with you the overlooked secrets to writing compelling sales pitches for the Internet. Learning just a handful of these tactics will almost guarantee tremendous results.

It’s easy once you have THE “magic” formula figured out! You’ll love this session! In fact, just recently Yanik held a closed-door Internet copywriting workshop where attendees paid $3,975.00 to attend and you’ll be getting the best of the best from this 3-day marathon workshop - without having to pay four grand or leave home! Listen carefully to this week's session so you can discover all his juicy tricks. (Oh, and I was sure to make him share his 14-point system for writing powerful sales letters each and every time – it’s a “don’t miss”!)

Trust me, once you understand how to apply the skill of copywriting it’s no big deal now to polish off a $25,000.00, $50,000.00 or $100,000.00+ sales letter in a weekend.

This 1 hour, 35 minute session will set you straight about how to write for the Internet, capture attention and convince people to order your products or join your business!

Weeks #3 and #4:
How to Quickly and Easily Use Hands-Free Email Systems to Put Your Internet Prospecting on Complete Autopilot

Plus, You’ll Discover Insider Strategies to Make More Profit and
Multiply YOUR Business With Email Marketing

For these next two weeks of my home study system, I’m going to take you behind-the-scenes into my email systems and show you EXACTLY how I use email to grow my business (and my bank account) each and every month. You’re going to learn exactly how to continually and automatically follow up with interested prospects to grow your business while you sleep. (If it sounds too good to be true, it almost is! Why do you think it’s taken me so long to get around to spilling the beans?)

For the first time ever, you’ll learn step-by-step exactly how I implement email in my business. From prospecting…to selling…to affiliates…to will ALL be covered.

In fact, I’m going to show you how to tirelessly follow up with people over and over and over again – and never let another prospect fall through the cracks!

No matter what you’ve heard, email marketing is still EXTREMELY powerful (don’t let the naysayers try to convince you otherwise). Sure, the government is starting to regulate more. And sure, the rules are changing. But that does NOT mean you can’t still make a crazy boatload of money by using email in your business.

On the contrary, I, along with many others, make thousands of dollars a month on *autopilot* thanks to email marketing. And whether you’re just starting out and have absolutely no idea what to do, or whether you know all about “autoresponders” and email “blasts” – I promise you, you’ll definitely learn a few new tricks during the 3 hours and 53 minutes of Weeks #3 and #4.

Here’s just an itty-bitty sampling of what I cover during these two power-packed training sessions…

  • What an “autoresponder” is, and why (and HOW) you must be using them in your prospecting arsenal! (Or else you’re leaving piles of cash on the table)

  • How to quickly and easily set up new autopilot email systems for YOUR business - even if you have no clue yet!

  • The 5 things a killer autoresponder service has to have before you use them (and my proven, tested recommendation)!
  • The simple 3-step method to getting out "broadcast" emails...and the FREE program that makes them super-simple to compose and format!
  • My five secret ways to give your bottom line a QUICK boost (which means more cash in the bank for you)!
  • The one thing you must be doing with any autoresponder you EVER use (if you aren't doing this, you are literally throwing money away...and guess what - most people aren't doing it!)
  • 7 ways to blitz your subscribers with offers that will make them rip out their wallet to give YOU money!
  • What is the real “thinking” behind an irresistible offer? This absolutely NEEDS to be done before you ever write your email or click send.
  • A “sneaky” method to find out EXACTLY what your list wants to buy from you – before you even tell them about it!
  • The little-used trick to get your subscribers and customers salivating for your next email – completely on autopilot!
  • The 4 types of “profit lists” you must build immediately and how to maximize them
  • And much, much more!

Bottom line: Email still works, and it’s still extremely powerful and profitable (if you know the right methods to use). But the longer you wait to implement these email strategies, the smaller your results will be. Other marketers are fighting for your prospect’s attention – so you need to be the one grabbing their attention NOW, while there’s still time.

Let me repeat. Despite what you read about spam and filters, email marketing DOES still work. Which means, I shared a special segment on the 7 powerful methods you can use to BEAT THE SPAM FILTERS each and every time! If you’re worried about people getting your emails, you simply can’t miss hearing these sessions!

I laid out a simple action plan that will shortcut your learning curve and help you to fill your prospecting pipeline. If you aren’t using email marketing – after these two weeks, you’ll be itching (and ready) to start!

Week #5:
How to Create an Instant Stampede of Prospects and Customers to Your Website – in 30 Minutes Or Less!

Once you’ve got your ‘secret weapon’ in place and your email system in action, it’s time to start filling your pipeline with targeted, qualified prospects!

And I know of no better way to instantly do that online than with the Google Adwords program. In 30 minutes or less (literally), you can be driving laser-targeted visitors right to your site. BUT, only if you know exactly how to do it. (Otherwise, you might as well flush your money down the drain, along with the other ‘dumb’ advertisers.)

(SIDE BAR: If you have NO idea what Google Adwords or “pay per click” advertising is – have no fear. By the end of this week’s advanced session, you’ll know EXACTLY what it is and how to use it for instant results!)

You see, now that the “big companies” have started to take a major interest in online advertising, competition is really starting to heat up. That’s bad news for clueless marketers, but it’s great news for marketers who know exactly how to play the game. Once you have the inside scoop, not only can you make money, but you can set up yet another autopilot cash-generating system to pump prospects (and profits) into your business.

That’s why I’m so excited I had joining us…

The World’s Premier Google Adwords Expert – Perry Marshall!

A top author, marketer and consultant, Perry has gained a world-wide reputation for helping businesses inexpensively buy more leads and sales than they can handle. (A good problem to have, wouldn’t you say?)

During this week’s advanced 1 hour, 34 minute training, Perry pulled back the curtain on these secrets (and more)…

  • Easy, ingenious "tweaks" that get you 30% to 300% more clicks to your site (without paying any more for that traffic!)
  • What to do when bid prices are $5 to $10 per click in hyper-competitive categories – and how to break in when you're "locked out" of a tight, competitive game
  • On a tight budget? Only have a few dollars to spend? Then you’ll discover the best strategies to maximize your dollars, with minimum risk. (If you thought buying traffic has to be expensive, think again! You’ll discover our backdoor strategies for flying in under the radar.)
  • The ‘hush-hush’ tested results of tiny little tweaks that will skyrocket your results by 20%, 30% or more! (You won't believe the difference these little changes can make for your campaigns.)
  • Find out the exact BEST position to have your ad appear (Hint: It’s not the spot you think.)
  • How to figure out your best keyword strategy, and how to quickly and easily generate thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of inexpensive keywords to use for your site!
  • Plus live Q&A and much, much more!

Week #6:
Speed Sponsoring Script Secrets

How to Almost Effortlessly Bring Your New Prospects Into Your Business (and Get Them Buying Your Products)...Without Breaking a Sweat!

Now, I hope by now, you know I'm can't promise you overnight riches (sorry). I’m not going to lie to you or try to promise you the world just in the hopes you’ll get this course. There are enough people like that online.

But I can promise you that if you take action and APPLY what will be revealed over this six-week program, you’re going to see tremendous results. And once your prospecting system is in place and cranking along, you’re going to be getting what every network marketer loves: qualified leads.

However, there’s a BIG difference between just having hundreds of fresh leads vs. having hundreds of fresh leads and knowing what to do with them!

Once you’ve put everything else into place, you’ll need to know the tricks and strategies to properly handle your new prospects and customers, or else you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

That’s why I sought out (and booked!) one of the top authorities on sponsoring and prospecting scripts...Myron Golden!

Now, if you’ve never heard of him before – that’s exactly the way he likes it.

While others are out there spouting theory and fluff, Myron "Goldie" Golden is a “do-er”. With 20 years of experience AND success in network marketing, he knows exactly what it takes to not only build a large team, but to build it at the speed of light.

In fact, his clients regularly put between 50 to 300 people into their team each and every month. (Can you imagine what that would do to your bottom line?)

And even if you’re just starting out, he’ll show you what to say and how to say it…so you can put numbers on the board FAST.

The author of “Super Speed Sponsoring Success Scripts” (the first-ever AUDIO training solely focused on powerful ‘scripts’), Myron pulled the rabbit out of his hat and shared some POWERFUL phrases and sentences you can easily learn to effortlessly suck people into your business (and get them buying your products).

SIDE NOTE: Hate to pick up the phone or talk to people? Well here’s a little secret: What works in one media very often works just as well in another. You can just as easily adapt the “scripts” and secrets we exposed to your emails, autoresponders, websites and more!

An Important Warning: If you expect to hear the same things your upline has been most likely teaching you, you’re in for a shock! In fact, we ripped apart the most common things MLMers say to their best products. And by the end of this 1 hour, 30 minute session, you’ll have new tools you can immediately put to use. Tools like…

  • The top 4 things to NEVER ask a prospect (do these and you’ll just be wasting your time).

  • The reason why you should be looking for a “NO” from your prospects instead of a “YES”.

  • True or False: You can build your team with leads you purchase online. (This answer may surprise you!)

  • Keep getting someone’s answering machine? Then you’ll discover 3 powerful voice mail scripts you can quickly put to use in your business so you can stop wasting precious time playing phone tag.

  • No more 3-way call fear! If you’re doing everything right, your team will start to want you to be their “upline expert”. Now, this can be a little scary if you’re new to the game, so rest assured – by the end of this call you’ll know EXACTLY how to handle a 3-way call with your team.

  • How to reject a lead before they reject you!

  • A sure-fire way to get people attending your events...

  • And a whole lot more…

Plus, you’ll get to eavesdrop as real network marketers get a chance to finally ask a top MLM trainer their questions during our LIVE Q&A session at the end of the training .


So you can listen to these amazing prospecting secrets over and over again, you'll be getting the complete audio CD recordings of each week's session delivered right to your front door. You can review the techniques in the car, while you work out or anywhere you like with these cleaned up, professionally recorded and produced audio CDs.

And because this home study program is chock full of so much actionable information, we had to put each week's session on not one, but TWO CDs. Which means you'll be getting 12 CDs as the core of this program.

But that's not all...

You'll also get word-for-word printed "cheat sheet"-style transcripts of the entire home study program. With the written transcripts, professionally transcribed and edited, you can read and highlight every key point and concept covered on the audios, while sitting in your office, eating at lunch or reclining at home. This way you don’t have to worry if you miss something while listening to the recordings. These 282-pages of insider information will be delivered in a massive binder along with your CDs.

Now, with the CDs and transcripts at your fingertips, you can instantly start putting this tremendous, new marketing system to use in your business and start seeing results in no time flat.

But don’t just take my word for it…

See What Other Students Say About My Ability to
‘Deliver the Goods’ and Grow YOUR Networking Business…

"...850 New Distributors in 14 Weeks!"

“With such in depth, easy to follow training, I defy anyone not to benefit. If you want real success in your chosen networking business you need look no further. I have built a downline upwards of 850 in 14 weeks using examples from your teachings...which is an extra $3,500.00 each month in profits!

David Hulse,
N. Lincolnshire, England

"...4 New Downlines!"

“After going through the course from you, I have become stronger than ever. I applied the methods I learnt and within 2 weeks, I was able to get 4 downlines and I hope to get more this month. You actually blew my mind to achieve greater things. I would always remain grateful to you. Keep up the good work.”

Ugochukwu Elendu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

"Generate Leads Without Violating Company Policy!"

"My MLM company does not allow me to make any claims. However, after listening to the first on-line prospecting secrets call tonight, I will create my own [SECRET TECHNIQUE REVEALED IN COURSE] where I can...generate leads for my MLM company without putting my distributorship with my MLM company into jeopardy. Prior to tonight, I never thought it could be possible. Thank you so much."

Marina Quintiliani, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"5 New Distributors and $200.00 in Immediate Profits!"

“The course gave me a better understanding of online marketing and prospecting. The knowledge of the presenters was great. I feel I recieved large amount of great training by participating in this course.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to build a massive organization in Network Marketing, to invest in this course as the training is excellent."

Results immediately following the course: 5 new distributors and $200.00 in profits!

Mathew Valdez, San Luis, Colorado

"Recruited a 'Dead' Lead that Was Two Years Old!"

"I have enjoyed the whole series so far from your "Online Prospecting Secrets" class...such a well organized, focused, & useful content class. The entire series has been EXCELLENT and has helped to "reframe" my thinking...

Although I have been utilizing Internet marketing for many years along my network marketing business, I feel that you have offered an incredible amount of content, tips, strategies even for those of us who have been doing this for awhile...

I particularly appreciated the two sessions on e-mails and autoresponders. I think this is where I will see the greatest impact in my business. I have used autoresponders extensively in the past for prospecting and driving people to my web site, I guess I hadn't thought of using them to streamline all my training. This will be such a timesaver for obvious...but it just had not occurred to me to set this up as a SYSTEM.

None of this feels like EXTRA WORK...:-), just adding in better ideas to be more efficient and have more FUN instead of having ME to do things over and over...I have also been "Recycling" leads with great results...I brought a gentleman into my business from a lead that was 2 years old ~~Pretty Neat!

I could go on and on about every tip or suggestion, but the overall premise has been to expand my time and energy in ways that will bring my business the greatest excellent weaving of philosophy and an action plan of things to do. BRAVO! With great appreciation,"

Kaaren Lahaug, Olympia, Washington

"Something Useful on Each and Every Call"

“Your teleseminars are the best out there. I try to make sure that I'm on as many as I can. I pick up something useful on each and every call. They are a great training tool for anyone involved in MLM no matter what product or service you are involved with.”

Bev Stevens, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

"Four New Distributors!"

"I am fully convinced that it was right decision and very good investment into my future success. It was one of the best cources I participated so I shall strongly recommend it to people in my team. I learned how to finally build team on Internet."

Results immediately following the course: 4 new distributors and thousands in additional profits!

Svetoslav Sergeev, Merseyside, United Kingdom

"A Heavy Hitter Recruiting Campaign In A Box"

“I wanted to thank you for putting together such a professional package and making it available to absolutely amazed at how much the information has helped my business. You have really provided a "heavy hitter recruiting campaign in a box" that the average person can plug into. I would strongly recommend your products to anyone struggling...I’m not sure how you convince all of these "heavy hitters" to give up their best stuff, but keep up the good work. Thanks Again.

Kelcy Perkins Ethel, LA

"Can't Believe the Success!"

“Thanks a lot for taking the time to put together something as awesome as this. I've been using the tips you’ve outlined and I can't believe the success. There’s not many people who would actually take the time to organize and run something like this.”

Rheymar Cabalu, Calgary, Alberta

"So Much More than I Hoped For!"

"Hi Chris...I just have to much more than I had hoped for. The topic that was discussed made so much sense...I always wondered how the top networkers were able to make money while building their business. I have gotten so many ideas of how I can create [Secret Revealed in Home Study Course] and create leads for my network marketing business at the same time that the possibilities seem endless.

Taking your course and learning from you and each of the different guests that you had on...every week really has opened up my possibilities to making money online while building my MLM business. The education and resources that I received from your course was priceless.

...My decision to invest in your course was definately a good one...I learned so much more than I could ever put in this email, so I'll leave you with this...I've only listened to the first call but, needless to say, I WILL NOT be asking you for my money back...!"

Kirk Miller, Keeling, Virginia

"Five to Six New Memberships a Month!"

"In these tough times for email campaigns, the ideas in your site helped me fine tune my network marketing campaigns and increase my response rate by...23%...which is a HUGE difference in my pocket, especially over time!

... the number of sponsored memberships I've acquired using your materials has increased by at least 5 to 6 people a month, which means much more moola and team momentum for my group!

Dr. Max Vogt, Nevada City, CA

"Compliments My Existing Recruiting Systems So I Can Work Smarter Not Harder!"

"Chris: Thanks for the Q & A session -- I appreciate the honesty of your responses. I can fall into the "analysis paralysis" trap from time to time, so hearing both of you reinforce the importance of getting off my butt and doing something had a big impact. I can already see that I am able to take immediate action on the information that we covered.

Overall, the thing I liked most about the program was the variety of topics that were covered around a central theme. (The greatest things I learned from you were understanding the 4 main profit lists and the 'lighten your load' strategy.)

The information covered in Online Prospecting Secrets showed me additional strategies to use to enhance recruiting, and I appreciate the fact that none of the speakers encouraged me to use this system as the only method of recruiting to build your organization.

Using the information I gained in the course is helping me work smarter not harder to introduce people to my opportunity while complementing the recruiting structures I already have in place.


Kevin Smith
St. Petersburg, Florida

"Received 2 Responses Within A Week!"

"...I received two responses within the week.I thought that was pretty good in getting people's attention and I've just sent out another letter to these same prospects....Before, I was worried that my e-mails weren't getting through to alot of them. The modest investment….and all the freebies that went with it was well worth the try!"

Theresa Beaulieu, Madawaska, Maine

"Finally Have Time To Enjoy the Money I'm Making!"

"Hi Chris...just a quick note to thank you again for the prospecting course... You have truly lived up to your words!!! The course is fantastic...better than what you promised...and way better than what I expected it would be. The best part is that even though I have received all of this info from you and the speakers about using the internet I do not feel overwhelmed or intimidated.

I can see unlimited possibilities to create a presence on the web quickly and inexpensively...My wife and I have brainstormed 10 ideas for [SECRET RECRUITING METHOD REVEALED IN COURSE] will create in the next 90 days. We have also created a list of friends and family who may be interested in partnering with us....We are having a ball and can't wait to get started...

I "know" that the information I now have gives me a huge jump on most people doing business on the internet. The latest example of this -- autoresponders....I had no clue what I would use an autoresponder for in my network marketing business and it would have been decades before I figured out on my own that there are actually four categories of people in my business who can be better served by me with the appropriate autoresponders.

Chris...the info in this course will not only multiply my network marketing business but also give me TIME to actually enjoy some of the money I am making. What I have gotten from the course is a huge amount of usable info that would take me years to find on my own. I now know exactly what to do to succeed and profit online.

Chris, you are the King of Course Content, I know of no one else who packs as much into a seminar as you do! Thanks again."

Dean Geyer, Milford, Delaware

Okay now, let me ask you a question…

What’s All This Worth To You?

What price would you put on a program that would show you a step-by-step system to effectively use the Internet with your network marketing business (or maximize it if you are already using it), without the suffering and confusion?

How much would you pay to learn how to put a hands-off system in place that brought you new customers and downline members, day in, day out – on AUTOPILOT? Just imagine the value of ONE good new distributor in your downline…recruiting non-stop…growing your team.

Or the value of a system that grew your bank account every single month – without ever having to lift a finger or even talking to a prospect.

Would you pay $1,000.00 to get back $2,000.00? Would you pay $5,000.00 to make $10,000.00? Of course.

Plus, with this program, at a minimum you're grabbing over 10 hours of time with experts. With all of my guests and myself charging a minimum of $500-$750 per hour for consulting...on the low end, it would add up to a whopping $5000.00 to hire us privately to teach you this proven prospecting system.

Frankly, I thought long and hard about delivering this exclusive information only as part of a high-priced seminar where I charged at least $1,995.00 per person. And if you went out and actually applied what you learned and got your little “online oil well” pumping - you’d have more than made your money back.

But instead of you and I going to all the trouble of arranging for a hotel room, booking a flight and taking a couple days out of our schedules – you can now “attend” this special training program from the comfort of your own home. In fact, a home-study system is the perfect and most convenient way to deliver this information to you. That’s why it won’t cost you $1,995 (though it’d still be a steal at that price), $1500 or even just $1000.

If you’re serious about tapping into the goldmine of online prospecting, access to the entire 6-week training program – which you can listen to in the comfort of your home, office or even car – is only $697 (plus shipping and handling).

Plus, for the first time ever (and to make price a total non-issue), I'm even willing to give you an "easy pay" option and split it up into three painless payments of $249 each (plus shipping and handling).

That's it. And it's really a drop in the bucket compared to the massive impact this information will have on your business (and bank account) once you apply it.

But first I’ve got a surprise...

An Exclusive Limited Gift For You...

To celebrate the launch of this breakthrough home study course, and to reward you when you take immediate action, I've decided to up the ante and offer this very powerful limited bonus (in addition to the other 7 free bonuses mentioned further down on this page):

For the Next 100 89 73 51 People: You'll be invited to listen in to the recording of a private, one-time-only teleseminar I recently hosted for a handful of my top Online Prospecting Secrets students. We had a chance to go over the entire "Online Prospecting Secrets" system in depth, along with special updates and new information.

Plus, I even opened for Q&A so you can hear"Online Prospecting Secrets" students grill me with their burning questions directly! Because just one answer I gave could unleash a flood of extra prospects and profits for your business, this could easily be worth $250-$500. You'll DEFINITELY want a copy of this!

I sold this in the past, but when you pick up your home study system today, you'll snag this exclusive bonus...for FREE! (In addition to the 7 special bonuses below!)

I've got to warn you: Copies of this recording won’t last long especially if you consider more than 13,567+ clients and subscribers are going to be reading this very same letter (not to mention I have select affiliate partners chomping at the bit to promote this).

Why such a small number of copies available?

It’s simple really. I don’t want to let just any person off the street sign up. Especially when you consider if you’re one of the 100 89 73 51 you’ll get a very special limited-edition version of this underground course and bonus recording. It doesn’t make sense to have tire-kickers or time-wasters get their hands on this information.

In fact, the way I see it, my six-figure secrets in the entire Online Prospecting Secrets program are super valuable and we don't want the whole "Internet World" putting them to use making them less effective for us. Why would we want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

So if your mind is made up, you better act fast and hurry over the to the registration form to sign up for this incredible program before I think twice and take it off the market. Don't hate yourself for missing out on secrets that can mean the difference between your MLM business gasping for air…and your MLM business (and bank account) thriving online and growing month after month after month.

You can think this over if you like but chances are it won't be long before all copies of the exclusive bonus are gone (and this product might be off the market - especially if I notice my methods and strategies starting to get diluted). If you want in, click here now to reserve your copy.

But even with all that said, just to sweeten the pot a bit and make saying “Yes” a no-brainer…

You’ll Get 7 More Powerful FREE Bonuses!

FREE BONUS #1: "How to Quickly and Easily Use Dirtcheap Postcards in Your MLM Business” ($99.00 value) – If you’re ready to take your prospecting and sales to the next level by contacting your prospects and customers in a way that’s 100% guaranteed to work (and doesn’t have to deal with any spam filters), than this is for you! Now, with the help of online technology, sending OFFline dirt-cheap postcards has never been easier (or more affordable).

In this bonus VIDEO report, I’m going to show you exactly how to use a ‘secret’ online service to send postcards to your family, friends, prospects and customers – plus, how to even schedule your mailings in advance so they go out on autopilot! (Note: This is one of the very same systems I use every single day to reduce refunds and boost sales in my business!) Click here now to get access it.

"Absolute Brilliance!"

"Hi Chris. This is an awesome report you put together. I like the fact that you put real detail and step by step instructions. What I really loved was the videos that showed me real world examples of what to do and I learned a lot watching you dissect the anatomy of how to make a post card work.

I don't want to reveal your secrets but there was one tip that I know will absolutely make me money using post cards. I never thought about this before. There was also a tip you gave on a new way to use post cards. All I can say is...Absolute Brilliance.

Because I am busy, sometimes it's hard to find time to do marketing. But the source you revealed for sending and automating my post card creation....WOW!! Make money and no work on my part.

I love you man. Since you've freed up my time so I can hang with my wife, she loves you too."

Greg Cesar,, Hamden, CT

FREE BONUS #2: “Show and Tell” Video Highlights ($139.00 value) – Have you ever found yourself popping in a CD, listening to someone explain something and wishing you could SEE what he or she was talking about? Well, now you can!

Here’s what makes this bonus so exciting: After the sessions were over, I made over 3 hours, 11 minutes of “highlight videos” of the content covered. That means after you listen to the CDs, you'll get to watch streaming videos online and SEE what we were talking about! I’ll make these videos available to you in a special “students-only” online area available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can just sit back, relax and watch right before your eyes as every concept strategy and idea will come alive for you. In fact, this is the next closest thing to having an online pro sitting right at the computer with you!

Click here now to get your copy.

FREE BONUS #3: “Mini-Site Secrets” and "Instant Online Prospects" ($134.00) Because I know you want to get up and running in the shortest amount of time possible, I'm going to include these three important bonus CDs with critical "grounding information". Once you listen to them, you'll be even more prepared for the advanced information revealed in the core six-week program (especially if you're just starting out).

If you'd like to discover a QUICK and EASY way for you to painlessly set up your OWN moneymaking 'mini' websites (without being a computer geek, buying expensive software or paying outrageous fees to a webmaster)...and if you want a way to literally turn on a FLOOD of traffic to your new mini-sites, then you’ll love this special bonus.

I recently grilled the world’s foremost “mini-site” and "instant traffic" experts to get their tips and strategies for putting up your own prospecting and sales websites (instead of using the same tired, cloned (and ineffective) website that everyone else in your company has) and pounding them with prospects. You’ll get these interviews delivered to you as both a CD *and* a 76-page printed transcript. Click here now to grab all your free bonuses.

FREE BONUS #4: Unlimited Access to My Million Dollar Rolodex ($100.00 value) - This just-updated resource will provide you with dozens of websites, books and resources you can use as you’re growing your business online. It's a perfect tool loaded with every top recommended tool you need to turbocharge your efforts. (The very same resources I’ve tapped into for years to achieve my online success!)

Forget wasting precious time and energy trying to figure out where to turn. Instead, take advantage of my trial and error and find everything in one easy-to-access, organized place! Because these resources can change from time to time, you’ll have access to these in an exclusive online “student-only” area, too.

FREE BONUS #5: Free Webhosting for Your Mini-Sites ($39.98 value) - I’ve worked out a deal for you to get two months of FREE mini-site hosting with a company I know and trust. Plus, if you want to continue with them, you can get this full-featured “bullet-proof” hosting at a great price without sacrificing service - and you can't beat two FREE months! (Once you've gone through my entire course, you'll understand the power of "mini-sites" in your overall autopilot prospecting system).

FREE BONUS #6: Fast-Start Guide and Action Plan ($49.00 value) - Because I want you to get the most out of this course in the least amount of time, I've created a special Fast Start Guide and Action Plan. This “down and dirty” roadmap will get you up and running in minimal time. Plus, the Action Plan I've included is complete with a Progress Chart that guides you step-by-step through my entire system. Click here now to get your system and action plan.

FREE BONUS #7: Two Priority Critique Certificates ($300.00 Value) – Have a mini-site you want looked at? A few email blasts you need help with? Just fax in a copy of your piece along with your coupon and I’ll send you back concise, to-the-point tips and advice to help you boost the pulling power of your email, website or sales letter. Now is your chance to get one-on-one help from me (not some assistant)…without having to pay for it!

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Now as you can see, I’m doing just about everything possible to make this the ultimate package for your Internet prospecting success…but there's still one more assurance you'll get from me…

You’ll Get My 100% Risk-Free, "Take-it-to-the-Bank”
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YOUR FIRST RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: Pick up your risk-free copy of my breakthrough training system and receive all the free goodies and bonuses (if you're one of the next 100 89 73 51 to order). Then, in the first three months (a full 90 days), if you do not honestly feel the caliber of training in this A-to-Z system is absolutely dynamite - just send me an email saying you want to return this powerful system and send everything back to me. I’ll refund you back every penny right on the spot. No "my dog ate it" excuses needed. No questions asked. No hassle.

YOUR SECOND RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: After the 90 days, I’ll ride along with you for ANOTHER 9 months (that's 275 more days!) and if, after a full year from picking up the course, you will show me proof that you put my strategies to use, and you will look me in the eye on paper and tell me you did not put at least $5,000.00 in your bank account that you would not have seen otherwise, simply send me a note describing your use and failure with my information, send back everything you’ve received, and I will STILL reimburse you every penny you've paid – even the original shipping cost if you want!

I want you to put thousands and thousands of dollars of income in your bank account . I want YOU to reach new profit levels with your business that you know you would never have reached without the information in my "Online Prospecting Secrets" home study course, or I want to give you back your money.

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In fact…

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Option #3 – You can print off the “No-Risk Action Form” and MAIL it in, along with a personal or company check made payable to:

Lifetime Marketing Success, Inc.
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Remember, a single idea – even a “tiny” one – could easily be worth far more than your entire investment in this course. If you're serious about building your business with the Internet, there's no excuse for letting this limited opportunity slip through your fingers (again!). Click here to claim your copy now!

Wishing you much success,

Chris Zavadowski

P.S. – Remember, just ONE of these sessions alone could be directly responsible for adding another zero (or two) to your monthly income, or turbo-charging your recruiting efforts by multiples. Of course nobody ever looks back on a offer they DIDN’T take and remembers that as the turning point in their lives. Truthfully, you’ll probably forget all about this invitation in a few days and move onto to something else but it’ll be only the few select individuals who get this material who will know the other side of the story. Don’t let yourself be left in the dust.

"...Most of all I appreciate the depth and extensive field of information have the recordings to refer to will keep the material fresh and available as I can apply and grow with it. I was very impressed with how freely each of the resource persons was with dispenseing information.

I am pleased with my investment decision and would make it again. Also, I would recommend Chris' teaching to anyone wanting to succeed in business not just mlm opportunities. I would say listen to Chris. Learn from Chris. Apply what Chris teaches."

Mary Richardson, Midland, TX

" of the techniques in there just simply about Pay-Per-Clicks, just that one technique alone, we have already implemented it and we are already seeing a return on our investment.

So thank you so much for putting this together Chris. It's awesome. It's definitely going to help our traffic increase. We really, really appreciate it. Thanks for all you're doing for our industry!"

Ty Hoffer,, Houston, TX

Your information is right on. Everyone can learn from your professional package, email teachings and if anyone ever gets to hear your excitement on the phone, will know how powerful a teacher you really are!”

Carol Barstad, Estill Springs, TN

“I know from your newsletters and your interviews with other successful people, that you know what it's about and that you have earned the trust of many people. When I see your name on something, I know it's worth paying attention to.”

Gordon Bellows, Draper, UT

“Hi Chris, your product has saved me a lot of time in coming up with letters & emails to send to prospects. I can spend more time promoting my program instead of developing material to do it with. Thanks”

Lorenzo Rothery, Due West, SC

"Hi Chris, I just wanted to let you know that since incorporating your email templates with my autoresponder campaigns my sales have absolutely ‘SKY ROCKETED’. After very thorough testing with my autoresponders statistics reporting feature and using the same exact lead source that I have always used I am averaging 30% more sales.

Before finding you I was about to hire a professional letter writing company who wanted to charge me an estimated amount of $500.00 for 10 letters. Using your templates and simply making some slight changes to fit my opportunity allowed me to express myself in the exact way I wanted. I actually was even able to write some of the content on my website using your templates which again saved me a lot of time and aggravation using 3rd party copywriters. Thanks to your letters I have in excess of 5,000 new affiliates and growing! Keep up the GREAT work Chris!!

John Denton, Farwell, MI

Click here to claim your copy now!